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Interlake Pallet Racks pallet racking

Roll-formed pallet racks are the most popular, functional racking in the industry. As the best solution for warehouse systems with palletized products, they store a wide variety of goods.


• Direct access to each pallet

• Simple stock management

• Adaptable to any product volume, weight or size

• Cost savings through wide span beams with piston lock connectors

Interlake Mecalux pallet racking comes with either bolted or boltless (welded) frames. The company's patented beam-to-frame connection creates the most rigid, reliable structure available. In addition, it provides exceptional protection against damage, tampering, as well as accidental beam disengagement.

Interlake pallet racking uses only high-strength steel, certified to meet the strictest specifications. All weld operations are controlled through advanced robotics or performed by welders certified to AWS Standards. Baked enamel finishes and a durable powder coating ensure a long service life, even under the most demanding industrial conditions.

Interlake Pallet racking can be configured for a variety of uses and product sizes. One option is double-depth pallet racking, which increase storage capacity by enabling four pallets to be stacked back-to-back (requires a deep-reach truck). Heavy-duty pallet racking can also be used in the construction of rack supported buildings, as well as for more basic storage needs in any warehouse installation. Combine them with hand-stack shelves for best results.

Interlake Mecalux Cantilever Racks

Cantilever pallet racking are the optimal space saving storage solution for long or bulky items such as furniture, lumber, tubing, textiles, and piping. Interlake Cantilever pallet racking is available in both roll formed and structural steel designs.

All components are treated with a durable paint finish for scratch resistance and unsurpassed aesthetics.

Fully Customizable

With a large range of custom designs and available accessories, Interlake Cantilever Pallet Racking is capable of meeting the bulkiest storage requirements. This system can also be mounted on mobile bases for increased storage capacity without limiting direct access to each load stored.


• Wide range of load capacities suiting both standard and seismic applications

• Center column design creates unlimited horizontal space

• Vertical arms adjustable in 2" increments allow maximum versatility

Interlake Mecalux Drive-in Drive-thru Pallet Racks

Drive-in racking and drive-thru systems are exceptionally suited to large stocks of relatively few product types. Use this high density system to reduce overall square footage requirements by 35% or more, compared to a standard pallet rack configuration.

Drive-in pallet racks and drive-thru racks are rolled-formed. Product is stored several pallets deep, and handling equipment enters the industrial rack structure to slot or extract pallets.

A drive-in pallet racking system uses a single input-output point per storage bay, creating last in, first out (LIFO) access. Meanwhile, a drive-thru system loads on one side and unloads on the other for first in, first out (FIFO) workflows.

They're available in a wide variety of bay heights and depths.


• LIFO (last in, first out) or FIFO (first in, first out) load methods

• Deep lane storage reduces space usage, cuts costs and holds more loads

• High volumes, few SKUs

• Multiple access aisles eliminated

• Extra control over inputs and outputs

• More storage density instead of the direct access of Pallet Racks

• Specifically designed for your pallets and forklifts

Interlake Metal Point Boltless Shelving

Interlake Metal Point boltless pallet racking is designed for light to medium hand-stacked applications and can easily be adapted to solve any storage need in a warehouse, office or retail establishment. It is manufactured using the same high quality steel and processes as all Interlake Mecalux products.

The aesthetic nature and flexible design of Interlake Mecalux adjustable steel shelving allows installation in any place of business. The posts and beams make this system appropriate for the office or as a merchandise display in retail environments. Bays may be added or levels rearranged easily and as needed.


• High-quality steel

• Quick, easy boltless assembly of all components using a simple rubber mallet

• Beam heights of 1 inch for standard applications and 2.5 inch for heavier requirements

• Corrosion-resistant finish ensures durability and long life

• Customizable shelves are available with galvanized steel decking, wire decking, hanger beams for clothes and textiles, or standard particle board

• ISO 9001 and 14001 manufacturing processes

Interlake Mecalux Mezzanine pallet racking Systems

Industrial mezzanine pallet racking floors can more than double available storage space. Mezzanine floor racking systems let your company optimize the vertical space of a warehouse by doubling or tripling the usable surface area. Adding mezzanine work platforms can be the most cost-efficient way to increase warehouse storage space without the expense of a building expansion.

When designing a mezzanine floor, it is important to consider access points, work systems, products, and handling methods to custom plan your system. Steel mezzanine systems can be completely disassembled and re-used. The structure, dimensions, and location are easily modified, with virtually endless possible uses in any industrial setting.

Interlake Mecalux's versatile mezzanine creates additional storage spaces, changing rooms, offices, and much more in an already existing or brand new installation. Accessories such as stairs, hand rails, vertical lifts, gates, and security cages improve safety and facilitate product flows from one floor to another. A wide range of sizes, flooring types, and constructive systems mean your mezzanine adapts to your specific needs.

Several constructive systems are available to suit the load, column span and space required for a mezzanine floor racking system. Hot-rolled steel beam-to-brackets system for medium to heavy-duty designs, or cold-formed steel mezzanines with perforations to insert cables or sprinkler systems. Choosing which type of mezzanine floor to install is considered in the initial design calculations.

Enclosed with railings, these work platforms create a secure space for storage and picking tasks. Protective kick boards are also fitted around the bottom of the same area to prevent objects from falling off the mezzanine. Your mezzanine acts as a safety buffer for loading and unloading from the ground level by installing, for example, an up-and-over gate or a swing railing.

Stairs developed by Interlake Mecalux are easy to install and give quick access to mezzanine floors. Sturdy and adaptable to different heights, they meet all current U.S. building standards.


• Installation is quick, clean and straight forward

• Custom designs fit any pre-built warehouse layout and budget

• Flooring options like chipboard, metal covered chipboard, slotted or metal grid

• Compatible with a variety of shelving or industrial storage systems

Wide Span pallet racking

Wide span pallet racking is designed for storage areas in which goods are handled manually. It is especially suitable for small quantities of multiple product types.

Wide span pallet racking is designed for hand-loaded, medium to heavy loads. It is ideally suited for storing small stocks of many different product types for person-to-goods picking. The system is accessed on foot, either at floor level or from elevated walkways fitted between racks.

Available accessories and components of Interlake Mecalux wide span storage racks can adapt your system to a broad range of pick ready warehousing requirements. Pair this rack solution with stairs and catwalks to create multi-level storage, maximizing the height of your installation.


• Quick, easy assembly

• Each shelving module adapts to any load configuration

• Z-beam design houses galvanized steel shelf panels, reinforced wire decking, hanger beams for storing textiles and clothing, or particle board

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